A scabies rash is one of the first symptoms indicating an infestation by scabies mites. Like the symptoms of mange in pets, the scabies skin rash is an allergic reaction to the toxins left behind by the scabies mite. The mites, eggs, secretions and feces of the scabies mite are the main reasons for skin rash, inflammation, severe itching, intense discomfort and scales and blisters to the skin.  See Scabies Pictures.

scabies rash miteIn most cases, a scabies rash has many similarities with other clinical disorders of the skin, including eczema, dermatitis and chicken pox. Since there are no immediate signs of infestation by scabies mites, the rash can point to conditions other than the primary cause, scabies, so that the doctors vary on the accuracy of the diagnosis and prescribed treatment. As symptoms are not always specific to the outbreak, there is often a delay in medical intervention. In some cases, people who are incorrectly diagnosed with a different disease have complications such as bacterial infections, before they receive a diagnosis of scabies and the right medication.

The first signs of a Scabies Rash

In most cases the first signs of a scabies infection will appear as a rash on the hands, wrists and fingers, toes, feet, ankles, knees, elbows, armpits, abdomen and chest, buttocks, the nipple and genital organs.  However, it is possible that a scabies outbreak can occur on the scalp (in infants, adults and older people with impaired immune system). For small children and infants, a scabies infection is usually severe and has intense itching. (See scabies rash pictures for these signs)

A scabies rash is very persistent and often difficult to treat.

A rash is often the first symptom to occur, and the last to disappear, and the rash can continue during the weeks after the infestation by mites has been successfully treated. This can be mitigated with medication such as hydro cortisone and antihistamines offering temporary relief. Analgesic creams and gels can also help calm the most severe scabies rash symptoms.  Many people still use alcohol, lotions and creams for treatment exacerbating the injury, and intensifying the sense of itching and causing the formation of cortex, which will increases the pain and discomfort. To prevent a whole range of side effects, it is good to avoid the use of products using alcohol for treatment of scabies.

Make sure that you completely clean any clothing or linen that has come into contact with an infected person to keep the scabies mite from spreading from person to person.  This will also stop a re-infestation of scabies.  Use soapy hot water on all linens and clothing and when  drying use high heat as well.  For those items you can’t clean at home, use a dry-cleaning service or dispose of the items to eliminate a re-infestation of scabies.